*All of the Chocolates in the World*

So, it has been awhile since we sent the chocolates out. We have had responses from Australia, Argentina, Dubai, France, and South Korea. These chocolates have way different tastes than the U.S. Below I have a list of where we sent them and who we sent them too. I also made lists of all the candy we got from that specific place. I also wrote a list of the names of candy we got, and I picked my favorite.

A fifth grade class from South Korea: My favorite chocolate we got from South Korea was ABC. The ABC chocolate melted right into your mouth, and has a peanut butter middle. The ABC chocolate is very sweet.

Different chocolates we received:

  • ABC
  • Marketo
  • Boong-Uh Bbang (Fish shaped bread)
  • Yellow Snicker
  • Marshmallow chocolate Pie
  • Mongshell
  • Crunky
  • Ghana

A classmates relative from Argentina: We got a big varieties of candy from Argentina. My favorite was the sucker called, Trompito. It was colorful and very fruity.

Different chocolates we received:

  • Alfajor
  • Milka
  • Dulce de leche
  • Tres Suenos
  • Mantecol
  • Tita
  • Rhodesia

A classmates relative from Dubei: My favorite chocolate from Dubei was the Cote D’OR. It was very smooth and very creamy. This chocolate melted in your mouth. I felt this was the most creamiest chocolate of all.

Different chocolates we received:

  • Cote D’OR
  • Hershey’s
  • Galaxy
  • Hobby

My Teachers kid: My teacher’s daughter went to France. She brought us nibbles. They were really good.  It was chocolate with caramel in the middle. They were sweet and melted in my mouth.

Classmates friend from Australia: From Australia, my favorite was easy to pick. Caramello Koala was my favorite by a lot. It was chocolate shaped like a Koala Bear with caramel in the middle.

Different chocolates we received:

  • Freddo (with honeycomb)
  • Freddo (plain milk chocolate)
  • Caramello Koala
  • Fantales

Teacher we met online from Australia: We sent two packages to Australia, and both of the two people we sent them to gave us Caramello Koala.

Different chocolates we received:

  • Turkish
  • Dairy Milk
  • Caramello Koala



**Chocolates Around The World**

A couple classmates of mine and I did a genius hour project together. We sent out letters to people around the world. We included a sample of our favorite chocolate, and asked them if they could send us a sample of their favorite chocolate so we could compare the differences.

What we did..

We wrote letters to people we knew or had connections with from all around the world. Included in our letter we asked them if they could send us back some chocolate so we could compare the difference between the taste, look, and between the wrappers.  We wanted to let them have the chance to compare the difference along with us, so we sent them chocolates as well. When we get responses, we will make a map and tape the wrapper on the map, so we can see all the differences between the wrappers. Also, we will have the chance to taste all of the different chocolates around the world.

Right now, Krayton, Shiann, and I are waiting patiently for some responses.

Where we sent letters to..

  • Australia
  • South Korea
  • Dubai
  • Beijing
  • Argentina

Our History Class With Kenneth C. Davis

In yesterday’s history class, we Skyped Kenneth Davis. Kenneth Davis is the author of Don’t Know Much About History, Don’t Know Much About Presidents, and Don’t Know Much About American History. Kenneth has wrote more books in the series of Don’t Know Much About. He also is coming out with another book this September, Don’t know Much About American Presidents.

We learned a lot From Kenneth Davis, and he is a really smart guy!

If I had one more question to ask him it would be; Who do you think should be our next president?



Barn Quilts

My class and I are making barn quilts. We are in two groups, the boys and the girls. We are each making one, so we can sell them for our school’s gala.

Here are the steps for making a barn quilt:

  1. Prep the Wood- Find a 4ft by 4ft piece of wood. Sand the edges so they are smooth. Make sure you round the corners of the piece of wood. After you are done sanding, prime your wood.
  2. Border- Measure about 2 inches of the edge, and lay down masking tape so you have an even border. (Make sure you are using masking tape.)
  3. Create Your design- Find a cool design that you like. Measure your design out on your 4ft by 4ft piece of wood. Make sure your design is measured evenly, and correctly. Also, make sure you draw with a pencil so if you make a mistake you are able to erase the lines.
  4. Taping Your Design- Tape the lines that you have drawn out for your design, so you can start painting. This is so you do not get paint into another area that you want a different color. (Remember to use masking tape.)
  5. Final Painting- When you have the tape all layed out on your wood, start painting. You may need to paint more than one coat.
  6. Done Painting- When you are all finished painting, take off the masking tape. Make sure you take off the tape before the paint dries.
  7. Touch-ups- When you are finished taking off the tape, make sure the paint is fully dry, and touch it up.  When you take off the tape, there might be some paint that went through the tape, so paint prime over the paint that needs to be covered.
  8. Other Colors- If more than one color is used, then repeat steps 4-7. Make sure to use one color at a time.
  9. Name- Think of a unique name to name your barn quilt. We are naming our barn quilt 2016 Four by Four. We picked this because it represents us. We will be graduating in 2016.

My team picked our design from a book that we had. We all went through the book and found which three we liked the best and we voted.

Below is a picture of our barn quilt. The white that you see is our prime, and we will be painting it yellow.

Freelance Friday

This is to you, 1%
I still have to pay rent
I have a baby girl who is 3
and she is as beautiful as can be
I have been in debt
for I’m the 99%
My husband died fighting for our freedom
for my baby girl and I really need him
I work all day
fighting for my pay
I never get to spend time with my little girl Rae
because 1%, I’m working all day.

Photo from a subscription to iClipart For Schools

Photo from a subscription to iClipart For Schools.

Off The Cuff Thursday

Today after school we have our first basketball game of the season. I am very excited. I hope we do very good.  Basketball is my favorite sport. I can’t wait till the minute the game starts.

I hope my team does really good. I hope we can win our first game to start the season out good.

Image from subscription iClipart.


5 Ways To Get To School

Sometimes, my sister threatens me. If I am mean to her she will not give me a ride to school. This is why I think these ten ways to get to school are very helpful.

Here are the five ways to get to school other than your older sibling,

  • Ride the bus- If your older sibling will not give you a ride to school, call the bus driver. In most small schools there are buses that more likely will go past your house. Tell your parents to sign you up for the route.
  • Walk- If you live close to school, you can walk. Walking is good exercise.
  • Train- If you are in a big city, you can ride a train. You can ride with your friends if they ride too.
  • Scooter- If you have a scooter, use it! Scooters are fun to ride so if you live close, ride it to school. Sometimes walking takes longer, scooters will take less time than walking.
  • Bike- If you can’t have a car ride to school, ride your bike. Riding your bike is the best exercise you can get. Biking is fast and fun!

Now if my sister ever threatens me, I will be ready. I won’t have to worry about not finding a ride to school.