My Collage

On Wednesday, November 23, we had a genius hour. This was our first time doing it. For an hour we created, or produced something that we wanted. I made a collage. My friends Shiann and Christina made a collage as well.

I brought pictures and downloaded them to my computer and went to picnik to edit my photos. I made some of my photos black and white, and some pictures I added words to describe them.

When I was done editing the photos I went to photovisi to put all of my pictures in the collage. Photovisi is a fun, yet easy way to make a collage.

4 thoughts on “My Collage

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  3. Hi, Paris – Your Genius Hour collage is very cool. I bet you and your group had fun making them. Isn’t it neat to learn a new skill like this? You can amaze your family (and help Leah with her graduation slideshow)! Keep up the great work 😀

  4. Thanks Mrs Davis!
    Shiann, Christina, and I did have a lot of fun making them. Mrs. Krebs showed us a couple of different websites that were pretty simple to use. I guess I can help Leah, well if she lets me! (:

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