Barn Quilts

My class and I are making barn quilts. We are in two groups, the boys and the girls. We are each making one, so we can sell them for our school’s gala.

Here are the steps for making a barn quilt:

  1. Prep the Wood- Find a 4ft by 4ft piece of wood. Sand the edges so they are smooth. Make sure you round the corners of the piece of wood. After you are done sanding, prime your wood.
  2. Border- Measure about 2 inches of the edge, and lay down masking tape so you have an even border. (Make sure you are using masking tape.)
  3. Create Your design- Find a cool design that you like. Measure your design out on your 4ft by 4ft piece of wood. Make sure your design is measured evenly, and correctly. Also, make sure you draw with a pencil so if you make a mistake you are able to erase the lines.
  4. Taping Your Design- Tape the lines that you have drawn out for your design, so you can start painting. This is so you do not get paint into another area that you want a different color. (Remember to use masking tape.)
  5. Final Painting- When you have the tape all layed out on your wood, start painting. You may need to paint more than one coat.
  6. Done Painting- When you are all finished painting, take off the masking tape. Make sure you take off the tape before the paint dries.
  7. Touch-ups- When you are finished taking off the tape, make sure the paint is fully dry, and touch it up.  When you take off the tape, there might be some paint that went through the tape, so paint prime over the paint that needs to be covered.
  8. Other Colors- If more than one color is used, then repeat steps 4-7. Make sure to use one color at a time.
  9. Name- Think of a unique name to name your barn quilt. We are naming our barn quilt 2016 Four by Four. We picked this because it represents us. We will be graduating in 2016.

My team picked our design from a book that we had. We all went through the book and found which three we liked the best and we voted.

Below is a picture of our barn quilt. The white that you see is our prime, and we will be painting it yellow.