5 Ways To Get To School

Sometimes, my sister threatens me. If I am mean to her she will not give me a ride to school. This is why I think these ten ways to get to school are very helpful.

Here are the five ways to get to school other than your older sibling,

  • Ride the bus- If your older sibling will not give you a ride to school, call the bus driver. In most small schools there are buses that more likely will go past your house. Tell your parents to sign you up for the route.
  • Walk- If you live close to school, you can walk. Walking is good exercise.
  • Train- If you are in a big city, you can ride a train. You can ride with your friends if they ride too.
  • Scooter- If you have a scooter, use it! Scooters are fun to ride so if you live close, ride it to school. Sometimes walking takes longer, scooters will take less time than walking.
  • Bike- If you can’t have a car ride to school, ride your bike. Riding your bike is the best exercise you can get. Biking is fast and fun!

Now if my sister ever threatens me, I will be ready. I won’t have to worry about not finding a ride to school.

Raising Money for a Cure to Cancer(:

In my class, exploratory we are trying to find ways to raise a lot of money so we can give the money to American Cancer Society. We split into groups and are coming up with the best ideas to raise money. My group came up with the Tree of Hope. We would hang up trees at stores and different places, then we would have people buy leaves and hang them up for those who are fighting cancer and for those who have lost their battle. One other group has the same idea. Then the last group wants babysit kids and their would be a free donation for us to babysit. At the end we might to a mini relay for life. I think our ideas will come up with a lot of money for American Cancer Society.

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Vegemite– Australian Food

Miss W came to visit us and it was fun and interesting!

I thought that the Vegemite tasted salty. When we tried the Vegemite you could definitely tell that we never grew up with it.  Just like people in Tasmania might think that our hotdogs are not very good because they are made out of scraps of meat, which if I never grew up with hotdogs, I probably would never eat it.

I am glad I got the chance to try food from Australia. I think it’s cool how out of Iowa schools we, Spalding Catholic, got the chance to hear about Tasmania. I did learn a lot, along with everyone else in my class.



Robert Lucas- Iowa’s First Governor

Robert Lucas was a Virginian by birth, Ohioan by chance, and an Iowan by choice. At first, people were disappointed of him for a short amount of time. Soon after, Robert Lucas received the Governorship of Iowa Territory award, by the president Van Buren. He was 57 when he reached Burlington. When he got to Burlington there was a conflict with secretary William Conway, but Robert Lucas  used his veto power a lot in running battles with the legislature.
His famous incident was the Honey War. They named it the Honey War because in the area that the war was located there was a lot of bee trees with honey in them. In 1841 the change of administration in Washington caused Lucas’ removal as governor and he retired from active politics. After he retired he moved to Iowa City and passed away in 1853 (72). He set an example of integrity and courage as Iowa’s first Governor.


I read the story of Robert Lucas in Tell a Tale of Iowa by Don Doyle Brown.

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*My History Class*

In history class we made museums to show about our personal history. We also made timelines from the significant events that happened in my life. I picked these important items because they were from my vacations or I just really liked some of the items. I have only been to Disneyland and Las Vegas once so it was really important. Like touching Taylor Swift’s hand. That is a once in a lifetime chance. That is why I brought the yellow flower. That flower is what I wore in my hair to the concert.

How I determine what is most significant in American History

I think we should study wars because there are lots of wars and it would be interesting. There are a lot of people who get hurt and my Uncle was in the Vietnam War.

What I would like to study

– Vietnam War

– 9/11

2nd to last day of school!

Hello everyone!

I only have 1 day of school left after today and it is very exciting! This year has gone by really fast, which is a good thing. I hope these last two days go by really fast, but it always seems like those last couple of days go by so slow because of the 1 hour classes since the high school has semesters. Usually, we have 42 minute classes. That is the only thing I am not looking forward to in high school is the semester test and lots of homework! I can’t wait till these last days get over with. I am planning on playing softball and camping this summer. This is going to be a great summer!


5477180646_2419b3997b_bSo i picked this picture of smoothies, because I love smoothies! They are my favorite drinks. When my friends and I go to movies, we always get smoothies afterwords. They are really good and if you haven’t had one yet then you need to try one.  I picked this specific photo because these smoothies look really good

Photo by Ken Hawks on Flickr with CC BY 2.0 license